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Welcome to our homepage. We are a micro-indie developer team, creating narrative experiences from Cologne, Germany. Currently we are working on our interactive found-footage novella „Jessika“.

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Pierre SchlömpSarah AbouzariSeren Besorak

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With Jessika we have been nominated for „Ubisoft/Blue Byte Best Newcomer Award“ at the Deutscher Entwickler Preis 2018.

At Digility 2018 we have won 1st Place at the VR/AR Hackathon sponsored by Audi.

We are alumni members of the german-franco indie games accelerator Spielfabrique.

Our team are alumni of the Cologne Game Lab – TH Köln.

(Foto: Costa Belibasakis / TH Köln)

Dear Jessika,

I have so many questions…so many questions that are haunting me since…then. I know we had lots of dissensions in the past. And sure, I have to admit that I wasn’t the best father there is…everybody has his faults and his crosses to bear. 

Anyway, the important thing is, you have to learn from your mistakes. But right now, it’s too late for redemption, too late to say I’m sorry. There’s no way I can put right the terrible wrong that I’ve done – because of what you did and for whatever reason you did this. All I can think of is: WHY? Was this your last resort? If you would’ve talked to me, we could’ve found a remedy, a way out…somehow.

I can’t blame you for keeping silence and a low profile. I can only blame myself. No matter what others will say, for my emotional well-being, I want to – no, I have to find out what happened and what made you do this.

I hired professionals that will be able to bring light into the darkness, inquiring your whereabouts and examine your intentions. And maybe, but just maybe, they can ease my conscience. At least for the time being.

Love always.


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